We are a small Maine Coon cattery in Pleasant
View, Tennessee about 30 minutes NW of
Nashville not far from I-24 close by the
Cumberland River.
All our breeding cats are HCM negative
We do require that our pet kittens leave with a
contact which states
they will be spayed or
neutered and they will NOT be declawed.

Declawing is mutilation and very detrimental to
any cat's health and well being. And their being
'altered' means they'll lavish their attention on
you instead of their hormones.

For more  information, please e
mail us at
or phone
And if you'd like a good, fun, fictional read about
Maine Coon cats and their servants (humankind)
Go to Amazon.com and check out the Merry
Maines series by Garnet Quinn.
All claimed!
We have new kittens. Born  17 April to
Coonmtn Ciara of Cumbercoon and
Cumbercoon Ramoth AKA Cleo. Both sired
by that gay Lothario, Thunderpaws Aslan.
See the kitten page!