We are a small Maine Coon cattery in
Pleasant View, Tennessee about 30
minutes NW of Nashville not far from
I-24 close by the Cumberland River.

All our breeding cats are HCM negative.

We do require that our pet kittens leave
with a contract which states they will be
spayed or neutered and they will NOT be
declawed. Declawing is mutilation and
very detrimental to any cat's health and
well being.

We have kittens born
January 19th and January

For more  information, please contact  
*Or, call 615 746 6811 for
At this time both our litters are born; pictures of
the parents are below: Carmen on the left, the sire,
Freddie, in the middle, the other dam, Freya, on
the right.

Carmen has 5 kittens (sexes subject to change as
they become more defined): 2 black and white
males, 1 red male and two little tortie females.
Freya has 4 kittens: one all brown male, 1 red male,
one white male and one white female. Photos will
soon be up as our site is still under construction!
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AS you can see, a number of our residents are very
impressed with our new arrivals!